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It's been more than a month since my last real post... [Jul. 19th, 2009|06:40 am]
[music |Girls' Generation (SNSD) - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)]

Starting with Metrocon weekend...I didn't actually do much at Metrocon, since I was only there on Saturday, but it was nice and relaxing...exactly what I needed at the time. I basically just watched the DDR tournament and did a bit of roaming around the convention area. At some point during the night, we were over in a hotel room that Mandy was crashing at. Most of the time, I was hanging out with Ryan, Tyger, Heather, and Hudson, who let us stay at his place for the weekend (thanks Hudson!).

The next weekend, I went down south, but for a different reason than I'd planned. My plan to go play at the US Open warmup tournament fell through due to an inability to practice...the hours the game room had when they opened up in the Student Union were downright awful for me. I had no way to play on a weekday unless I didn't go to work (and there was no way I was gonna make that kind of sacrifice). I also saw what the game room looked like, and man, there's almost no room whatsoever for the table tennis players...and there's only 2 tables, to boot. Eventually, I'm gonna start hitting again.
Now...here's the reason I ended up going down to SoFla: I found out the Nexus was closing down. I'd only been there once, and I really wanted to play some beatmaniaIIDX Empress. Plans were quickly made, and I wound up taking Aaron and Randolph with me. I gotta admit, the lag on the machine made it really frustrating for me, especially since I'm just now good enough to not consider myself a beginner anymore. I never successfully passed Neogenesis Normal (it's a 4). Considering that I've passed Soumatou Hyper before (a 7), I was humiliated when I kept failing it. After a lot of work trying to get used to the lag, I started passing songs I'd normally pass on console, but I was unsuccessful trying to pass any 6. The closest result was my attempt on Sync (I finished with like 72% or something like that). Frustrations on IIDX aside, it was a really fun weekend. I played a good amount of ITG and Pop'n Music, in addition to IIDX. Also, I saw someone that I thought I'd never ever see again, so that was interesting. The ride back to Jax was one of the most entertaining drives I've ever had. It's a good thing Aaron, Randolph, and Heather (who had come with Jarbo, but went back with me since I had extra space) kept me laughing for most of the trip, 'cause it kept me from being sleepy.

Last weekend was the 7-11 Pre-Storm Gathering at Speed Park. I got quite a few games of DDR in, so I was pretty satisfied. It was good to see many of the people there. We went to Ale House afterwards, and had some more fun.

Speaking of Storm, I'm considering entering the Extreme and Supernova 2 tournaments, even though I know I'm just a pushover at this point. Part of it has to do with the qualifiers...I consider myself to be a 'sandbag bar'. It'll be really funny if I send someone to Regular Tech who has absolutely no business being there. With Groove 2001 and Why Not as the qualifiers, it should be really easy to see who's holding back and who isn't.

Ryan got a weight scale a while back, and based on that, I'm near 220 right now. ^___^ I don't know how far off the scale is though...I'll find out when I visit the doctor on Wednesday. As far as my excercise activities are concerned, I still do the walk/jog on the Main and Acosta bridges, and I'm able to run about half the route. The impact on my legs is the main thing keeping me from being able to make further progress though. To address this, I'm now going to back to the gym to workout my legs. I'm also going to start doing the physical therapy excercises that I haven't done in a while.

One more thing before I wrap this post up...Anyone here listen to K-Pop? I started listening to K-Pop after looking at Carl's post quite a while back when he talked about 'Gee', Girls' Generation's big single. Now, I'm getting myself immersed in the K-Pop world.

[User Picture]From: waveshinefd
2009-07-20 02:45 pm (UTC)
im pretty sure the lag you faced was not from the cabinet, its from your TV.
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[User Picture]From: dafunkk12
2009-07-23 05:59 am (UTC)
Apparently the Wonder Girls are making a big US push. They've even opened for the Jonas Bros. What's interesting is to see some of the k-pop girls speak conversational English w/ little to no accent. Apparently several were born & raised in the US, similar to Utada Hikaru. That realization has contributed more to me seeing the world as a small place and the interconnectivity of global culture.
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