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Putting an end to the silence on my journal. [Oct. 17th, 2009|08:14 am]
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[mood |drained]
[music |SHINee - Ring Ding Dong]

I'm going to start writing on a normal basis, starting with this entry. I hope to post at least no less than every other day. Things have been bottled up for a while, but there's one main reason for it.

Right now, I'm in limbo at work. What I mean by that is that any week could be my last week working for the year. I'll be furloughed, or placed on unpaid leave, until January (I've heard the 10th is the latest they'd keep us in that status). Twice already, I've been told a date that would supposedly be my last, though it's been rescinded (August 28th, and yesterday, October 16th). As of right now, I'll be working until the 23rd.
Now this sounds really bad, but I can collect unemployment during this time. According to my coworkers that took it last year (I didn't due to my claim getting completely screwed up), they received $250/wk, and it's supposedly going to be $275/wk now because of a bill signed by President Obama. If that's true, that's going to be better than trying to get a temp job...but it isn't going to take care of all my bills. Luckily for me, my parents have already told me that they'll help out.

When I was initially told that I could end up not earning any money for 4 months, I got really stressed out. So much that I stopped doing the majority of my physical activity, and I binged on food. I was around 225 when this happened (found out my scale was about 3 pounds off, based on my weigh-in at my doctor's office (223 -> 226)). By the time I started to get back to regular exercise, I'd gained about 10 pounds. That's 5 months of hard work OUT THE WINDOW. That added even more stress, but at that point, I had to tell myself 'if I do nothing, it'll just keep going up'.
My approach towards exercise is a little different this time. I focused on cardio, with minimal strength training...and if I did, I focused on legs. I'm currently doing less cardio (significantly less, but I'm attempting to change that to slightly less, at worst), but more strength training. I only have 2 10 pound dumbbells to work with at the apartment, so I do a set of exercises with those, every other day. On Saturdays, I go to my local Anytime Fitness location and get a more complete workout.

Well, that's all for now...'cause I'm running on just 4 hours of sleep due to waking up at 4. My body won't let me get away with a lack of sleep anymore. -.-

[User Picture]From: cynicalcleric
2009-10-19 03:34 am (UTC)
If you get stressed, I think its all the more important that you exercise more as a way to deal with it (blogging will probably help too).

I know my several-times-a-week bridgewalking at the beginning of this year when my mom's health was going down helped deal with the stress of that.
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