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I started playing in pool leagues again... [Oct. 20th, 2009|04:08 am]
I'm back on the 8-ball league I was in last year, and my team's done pretty good. We're currently 2nd right now, and we had a pretty good week because we went 4-1 today. I played a guy that kinda played similar to the way I did when I was starting out in the leagues, so I just let him make a couple of balls to clear out enough room for me. He was unrated, so my match was a race to 50. In one rack, I got put in a pretty bad position when his captain advised him on a safety he could play, but I played a 3-rail Z-kick style shot and nearly sunk one solid ball I had left...I would've made Efren Reyes proud. ^_^; In the end, it was a rout, 4-0 victory in racks, 56-16 in points.

I started playing Empress CS, and so far, I like it a lot! The Premium Best CD brought back a lot of songs that haven't been in recent IIDX CS versions, like era (step mix) and Abyss (the original one). It doesn't seem to me that the ratings on those songs are that accurate. I think Abyss on Normal (rated 5) should be a 6, easy. I can't seem to find a second 7 that I'm in striking distance of passing, but I'm starting to pass 6s with more regularity. DXY! Normal was one I just passed today, and I remember that song giving me hell in the past.

Tomorrow is...I mean tonight is Nacho Tuesday...looking forward to that. ^_^

[User Picture]From: muzicfreak23
2009-10-21 06:48 am (UTC)
sorry again about the lack of nachos. turnouts have been very low lately. that, combined with the fact that i felt like just grabbing some fast food and watching a movie tonight, made me decide to postpone it, in the hopes that people will miss it and start attending again starting next week. : )
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