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Hey Al! You're 27 now! What are you going to do today? [Apr. 1st, 2009|10:41 am]
[mood |cranky]
[music |IIDX10 - Risk Junk - One More Lovely]

Gotta work. >.> It sucks when your birthday is the start of peak filing season at the IRS.

Oh well...I'll probably do the same thing I've done the last couple of days. Go to UNF after work and play some IIDX and table tennis. I need to figure out how the hell I passed Quasar at normal (my first level 6 song), 'cause I haven't passed it a second time.

On a positive note, I'm near 230 now. I hope to get under 230 by Saturday...
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Al's Life update, part 2 [Mar. 25th, 2009|04:34 am]
[mood |restless]
[music |IIDX12 - DJ Taka - Inazuma]

Two weeks later was Project Storm weekend. I went to Daytona on Thursday night, earlier than almost anyone else that wasn't a local. I just basically chilled at my room the whole night, since everything was pretty much closed by the time I got there.
On Friday, I had Tijuana Flats for the first time, and later headed to Speed Park. I went with a bunch of guys to Ale House, and after that I took Ryan, Jarbo, JD, and Shane over to our room. After getting situated, we headed to Romey's room, chilled, and played some poker...ended up losing to Tyger heads up. >.> I didn't end up sleeping much that night, 'cause while Jarbo was snoring, the rest of us were cracking jokes (In the bizarro world...). I might've gotten two hours in...not sure. We got breakfast before passing out for a bit, and after waking back up it was time to head to Speed Park.
I was the guy in charge of the Guitar Hero III tournament, and it ended up being a low turnout...5 people. I decided to make the tournament a round robin due to the lack of people, and it turned out pretty good. I ended up going back to the room eventually to pass out...apparently long enough that when I woke back up, everyone had gone to Cracker Barrel for dinner. -.- I got there just in time to order my food, but it turned out I shouldn't have...I ended up taking back most of my dinner and someone else's, too. I got back to the hotel and went back to Romey's, then Bumm's room for more poker...and I won this time around, partially because Dolph kept calling out Andy on his bluffs (I won every single hand he bluffed that I stayed in on). After that, it was sleepy time.
Sunday went by pretty fast because someone busted out his Beatmania IIDX and DJ Dao controller, so I spent the majority of the time playing it (at least...attempting to). Once everything was wrapped up at Speed Park, many of us went to Fazoli's and much fun was had. All in all, it was a very good weekend.

I wish I could say the same about Megacon. It started out well. I picked up Sean, Jason, and Ben on Thursday afternoon and we headed to the hotel. I found out that my hotel room was on the 10th floor...a bit unsettling. I ate at Texas de Brazil for dinner, and it was sooooo awesome. I ate so much that I nearly puked. x_x At $60, I needed to get my money's worth though...and I sure did. I spent the majority of Megacon in the video gaming area (no surprise there), playing IIDX and DDR (I guess watching everyone at Storm motivated me to play). On Friday night, I lost my keys...and freaked out. I attempted to find it where I'd lost it the next morning, but to no avail.
Saturday, for the most part was spent trying to resolve the problem (parents ended up driving down Sunday morning to give me the spare), and then trying not to freak out due to the mistake. My stress level was ridiculously high during that time...so much that when one guy I hadn't seen in a while was calling me, and I nearly walked right by him without even acknowledging him. -.- Saturday evening I saw Gareth for the first time in years...god knows how long it was. I went with his group, Tyger, Heather, and Kaze to the Pizza Hut near my hotel for dinner. After that, I went back to my room.
Sunday, my group checked out of the hotel and I got my spare key from my parents. Then we headed to the con and I played more IIDX. On the way back to Jax, I left my cell phone at a 7-11 in Daytona...and freaked out again. I got very lucky though...someone gave it to the attendants there. I ended up driving back down the next morning to pick it up.

Since then, it's been a mixture of work, chillin' with friends, and working out my legs. My weight hasn't changed at all during this time, but I'm hoping it's because I'm gaining muscle in my legs and that it's negating any fat I'm losing. I haven't been to the gym much lately, but I'm going to change that tonight. For the meantime, it's time to get some sleep.
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I need to start updating this more... (Al's Life update, part 1) [Mar. 25th, 2009|03:15 am]
[mood |sore]
[music |IIDX12 - DJ Taka - Inazuma]

I don't really know why I haven't updated this in two months...I've had enough time on my hand to actually write entries. I guess the main reason's laziness. *shrug*

Starting with what happened after the last entry...I met up with Josh and Heather at the Nexus and played some Beatmania IIDX. They've got a Distorted machine, and I was pretty psyched! They've also got a Pop'n Music machine but I didn't have a chance to play it before we left. Josh, Heather and I ate some dinner (and it was a bit pricey, but it was really good), and afterwards we all headed back to my hotel...I let them crash at the hotel.
The next day I checked out and headed to the tournament. When I got my morning bracket, I found out I was the worst guy in my group. There was one guy who had a rating that was fairly close to mine, so I thought I'd have a decent chance of playing a good game against him. Unfortunately, that was just not meant to be. I went 0-4 in the morning, and failed to win one set in those matches. >.< Our match results were the basis for our placement in the afternoon division matches, the ones that really counted. Since I was in the last group, and there were only 7 people in the group, we did a 6 match round robin (if there was 10 people, there would've been 2 groups of 5 round robin, with the top 2 advancing to single elimination bracket). I won the first 5 matches, and the last one was against a guy I'd lost to the previous day. I lost again, in 5 sets...but the guy that beat me lost his final match, which put me in a two-way tie at 5-1. I won the head-to-head match, so I ended winning the division! This was the first tournament where I was the division winner. Sure, I was 'the best of the worst', but considering that out of 47 people, I was #41 rating-wise, it wasn't surprising I ended up in the last group.
After leaving the tournament, I stopped by Stuart to eat dinner with Lauren, Josh, Bill, and Joe. Good times were had, especially since it's a group I haven't seen much since both Josh and Lauren left UNF. After that, I headed home, and it was one of the longest drives I'd ever had. I struggled to stay awake once I got past Melbourne, and finally took a 90 minute nap at a rest stop. I eventually got home, but I think it was 3am at that point.

The LAN party was the next event I went to, in early February. I finally had a computer that could handle playing some of the new games, but I ended up spending the majority of the LAN playing DotA. First time I'd been playing it since a couple months after I graduated...and the rustiness showed. Numerous changes have been made to the game since I stopped, so it's taken a while to get back in the swing of things. The LAN itself was kinda like a reunion...several people that went to the LAN parties back in the day showed up, so it was really cool.

More about what's happened lately in a bit.
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WTF Al, what are you up to? [Jan. 10th, 2009|04:47 pm]
[mood |happy]

I spent three weeks on unpaid leave from the IRS. During that time, I just kicked back and relaxed. I played table tennis a lot, worked out a bit, started physical therapy on my knee...which is producing good results so far, and hung out with friends. Unfortunately for me, my bank account is now all dried up...virtually. I think I still have just under $2000 in the bank, but I also have a credit card bill for that much. -.-; The majority of my CC bill comes from the computer I just bought ($1100), and two hotels that I booked ($500 combined). As soon as I get my W-2 from the IRS, it's time to collect some money! ^_^

I actually made it through the holiday season without substantially gaining weight! Too bad I didn't lose any... -.- I'm gonna try to get back to speed on that, but it's gonna be potentially hard. I'm trying to get as much overtime as I possibly can so that I can actually go to all 3 things I currently have planned for February (LAN party (6-8), Project Storm (20-22), Megacon (27-Mar. 1). So I gotta find the balance between money and losing weight.

This weekend is the Broward County Table Tennis Tournament weekend. And so far, so good, but I'll get to that in a bit. Things leading up to this was kinda crazy (I thought I'd be taking several people down here with me, but they all changed their mind. It forced me to have to book the second hotel that's listed on my CC bill), but I'm glad I got it all sorted out before I left. The drive down to Hollywood was fairly smooth, thanks to some advice I got from Ali, one of the UNF TTC guys. I took I-95 until I got past the Port St. Lucie area, and then I hopped on the Florida Turnpike. It would've been a fairly fast drive if it wasn't for the fact that traffic on Hollywood Blvd was ridiculous. After I checked into the hotel, I got back in the car and headed back up to Port St. Lucie. I visited Lauren thedelphi and Josh cynicalcleric, and there was a party for three people in their group...Lauren being one of them. It was great to hang out with them for a few hours, since Megacon was the last time I saw either of them. We played a game called Dread Pirate, and Lauren and I teamed up to kicked everyone else's butt. ^_^ Unfortunately, I had to leave, so I could get some sleep and be ready for the table tennis tournament.
Table Tennis Day OneCollapse )

Alrighty...it's time to head back to the hotel and go to the beach for a bit. Then, it's to the Nexus...and hopefully Josh tygerstyle will be there already. Later people!
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(no subject) [Dec. 21st, 2008|02:03 pm]
Last night was amazing...

until I puked. x_x
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2008|03:22 am]
[mood |cold]

With my desktop going to shit, I finally decided to get a new one. I bought a Dell XPS 420 on Black Friday, but it came with no monitor and a Radeon 3450. So I decided to buy an Nvidia 9800GT and a 19" ASUS monitor separately, and I think it's worked out pretty well. Altogether it's about $1200 I spent...a little more than my latest paycheck. I like it so far...it runs pretty smoothly. I just need to fix something with the video card so that I can hopefully run C&C RA3 at a higher level.

I went over to the Jax TTC, which is now located at a Methodist Church near San Jose & University...and pretty much I'm in the same situation I was back in 2002. At UNF, I'm one of the better people there. At the Jax TTC, I'm one of the worst people there. It's a good thing though, 'cause it's easier to improve against better people. There's an Anytime Fitness just a block away, so I can warm myself up there and head over to the TTC ready to go. The only thing that sucks about the TTC is it's only on Saturdays now. It used to be Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This tax season's gonna be interesting. I basically found out that the Economic Stimulus Payment was a 2 year thing, not a 1 year. This is what I mean though...if you weren't eligible to receive the ESP or did not receive the maximum amount, and things changed for you in 2008, you could end up receiving the difference. For example, me: I only got a $300 stimulus payment last year. This year, being my first full year at the IRS, I would be eligible to get $600 under the same rules from the 2007 ESP rules. On the 2008 tax return, this would make me eligible for a $300 Stimulus Recovery Credit. I'll know more details about this in the next week or two.

Well...it's getting late, so I better go to bed now.
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Down to 235...it's dropping slowly, but I can live with that. [Dec. 1st, 2008|12:42 am]
[mood |content]

I'm more than 15 pounds lighter than I was before I turned 26, and after losing another 5-10, I'll probably be able to wear my size 38 pants comfortably...I'm sooo looking forward to that day. I've tried a lot of different options, but I felt most comfortable just lowering my meal portions and getting more exercise in. I'm back to playing pool on just Tuesdays because my 8-ball team dissolved. That just means I'll play table tennis 4 days a week now.

Unless something goes wrong, I'm going to these events in the near future: Broward County TT Tournament (Jan 10-11), UNF LAN Party (Feb 6-8), Project Storm (Feb 20-22), Megacon (Feb 27-Mar 1). I'm also planning on moving out of my house within the next year, but a lot of it depends on how close I am to paying off my student loan.

Well, not much else to talk about, so yeah...later.
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I played in 2 table tennis tournaments in one weekend x_x [Nov. 10th, 2008|10:32 am]
[mood |satisfied]

I'm surprised I'm not in that much pain. This was definitely worth it, though. ^_^

Quick summary:
5-6 at Ocala Open (1-3 in morning matches, 4-3 afternoon, 4th in Expert Division (4th out of 5 divisions)
3-1 at UCF - NCTTA Fall Tournament
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*blank look* [Oct. 26th, 2008|10:51 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |jubilant]

Holy shit...this latest Iron Chef America was so...so...I can't picture myself eating more than half of the shit that was cooked. Anyone else watch it?

I made as big a push as I possibly could on Tetris Party Battle Mode (No Items)...here's the results!

I doubt I'll ever see my rank get higher than thisCollapse )

I'm pretty damn satisfied. ^_^
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Tetris Party! [Oct. 25th, 2008|02:08 pm]
#31 in the US and climbing... :D (No item ranking)
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