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Al, the Husky Boy...pool hustler.

Current APA rating: 7 (9-ball), 5 (8-ball) - Current USATT rating: 1423

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1 April 1982
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Stats - 27 years old, UNF Alum (B.S. in Computer and Information Systems (emphasis on Information Science), Spring 2006), Filipino, short & on the heavy side

Around a random crowd, I'm extremely shy. Most people that get to know me generally consider me a nice guy. My interaction skills aren't that great in general, and with females are downright horrible. Due to this, most females probably think I'm pretty odd. -.- I'm working on it though.
I can be quite gullible at times, since I take things seriously most of the time. I'm also very competitive by nature. I love competition. I was in bowling leagues and tournaments, played on the high school tennis team, was a hardcore Perfect Attack DDR player, played on a collegiate table tennis team, and even played in some Texas Hold 'em Poker tournaments. Now, I'm playing in pool leagues.
In most of my entries, I'll talk about whatever happens in my life. Every now and then, I'll talk about something about me in a good amount of detail. I'm pretty erratic when it comes to writing entries...I've written more than 10 in one day, but I've also gone weeks between entries.

Current addiction list: Billiards, Table Tennis, K-Pop, Beatmania IIDX

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